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Immy | Mental age: 4
3rd Year History Student. By which I mean I sit in my room watching Horrible Histories and drinking tea.
This blog is generally anything I find funny, good music/tv/films, the occasional rant and nice pictures. Also disturbing interactions between me and my flatmate or coursemate. And Horrible Histories. Lots of that. It's awesome.
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
Ticia: Thanks for the offer of the ham, man. I'm touched
Immy: Well I am a glorious hooman bean. So generous. And modest
Ticia: Haha yes. Like when Renly listed all the reasons he'd be a good king and then Cat was like 'also you're really humble as well' (sorry i've been reading a lot this weekend)
Immy: ... Nerd
Ticia: Coming from you I find this so hilarious I won't deign to answer in the same fashion
Immy: Pfffthhht
Ticia: Jeez go blow your nose
Immy: I know you are but what am I?
Ticia: Deep question. Sleep on it
Ticia: Simbaaaaaaa... remember who you areee
Immy: That doesn't help, I've never seen The Lion King
Ticia: .. You are an appalling child
Immy: Leave me alone, I was deprived as a young'un. Why do you think my brain is so stunted?
Ticia: Anyone whose first traumatic experience was NOT the death of Mufasa does not know pain
Immy: As far as I remember my first traumatic experience was when I was 4 and my mum promised to make cookies with me, and then got distracted by my brother. So I ended up having to make them on my lonesome...
Immy: And then I burnt myself on the oven. That was quite painful
Ticia: I don't know what life would be without your little stories...